It's just days away, and if you're like us, you're stumped about what to get your pops for Father's Day.

Ugly polo shirts wrinkle and fade, and no dad has ever actually cracked the spine on a book called 101 Great Grill Recipes. So what do all dudes love? Meat.

We scoured the internet to find our favorite 5 meat-inspired Father's Day gifts.

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    The Ultimate Meat Basket

    There aren't many other gifts that you can put in a basket without making them seem girly, but meat is the ultimate man food.

    You could wrap a porterhouse in lace without lowering it's manliness. The butchers at Bistro Le Marais in Manhattan know that, and they're offering a special Father's Day basket of homemade beef jerky, authentic brined and smoked veal belly bacon, and beef short ribs that will have dad belching loudly for days. Plus, it might just be the only awesome thing you can buy in Manhattan for $55.

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    A Bacon Dozen

    Rocket Donuts in Bellingham, WA is known for their weird donut combinations, and one of the biggest crowd favorites is the Bacon Maple Bar -- a cruller-shaped doughnut topped with real, hickory-smoked bacon.

    Though in the past the deliciousness used to be reserved for Washington residents, Rocket Donuts got smart and began shipping their delicious meat sweets, so you can order dad a dozen (or six) bacon-flavored cop killers for his special day. We definitely recommend ordering some for yourself, too.

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    Meat Art

    Everyone loves a good mystery, which explains why everyone loves hot dogs. Alyson Thomas's Etsy shop Drywell is full of assorted meat art but this mystery hot dog butcher chart print is definitely our favorite.

    Each 8.5 x 11 print of original ink and watercolor illustration. It comes on archival velvet fine art stock paper, and is printed with archival ink, so the hot dogs last forever. Exactly like they do in your stomach.

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    Exotic Mailbox Meat

    Got an adventurous meat-eating dad? Buy him a membership to the Exotic Meat of the Month Club and he'll get to chow down on a different weird animal every month, including kangaroo, antelope, alligator, llama and turtle.

    If you're curious, turtle meat comes ground for soup and boneless for...other things?

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    Bacon Koozie

    If your dad has more than one life expectancy-limiting vice, it can sometimes be hard to choose which to celebrate on Father's Day. If your pops loves booze and also fatty foods, now he can celebrate both at the same time with a Bacon Koozie.

    Bonus points if you bring him a bacon koozie'd beer with his Father's Day breakfast but we're not gonna blow up your spot if you sleep in.

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