A decision on whether to allow a certain vendor with a mobile food truck to conduct business on a Sedalia city street was tabled after lengthy discussion at Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

The meeting was pushed back one day due to City offices being closed on President's Day, which was Monday.

It was discovered that the owner of the food truck, Juan Fernando Linares, who is doing business a Tacos El Arca, has been operating with an expired merchant license since the first of the month.

According to a memo provided by Finance Director Dawn Jennings, Linares provided her office with an application for a Transient Merchant and Peddlers License on Feb. 2.

Linares indicated that he intends to park his food truck throughout the day on Thompson Street and then remove it each evening.

Jennings explained that as part of the transient licensing process, her office requires that applicants produce documentation that they have permission from the property owner to be conducting business there.

Since the property in question is a public street, as opposed to private property, Jennings requested clarification on whether this particular applicant has permission to conduct business on city property (Thompson Street) before she can process the license application.

Fourth Ward Councilman Steve Bloess expressed his concern about safety when doing business on the street.

Mayor John Kehde expressed his thoughts that some Council members were trying to put him out of business, adding that Linares has been operating his food truck in Sedalia for about three years.

Bloess immediately denied that accusation, repeating his concern for a safe environment for the owner, customers and traffic along Thompson Street.

Mayor Kehde added that he would like to see Linares have some time before being told he has to move his truck to private property.

First Ward Councilman Jeff Leeman motioned for the matter to be tabled for a future Council meeting. Motion was approved.

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