Well, the St. Louis Cardinals lost the world series to the Boston Red Sox. We might be a little bitter about it around here. Although Boston may have had the better baseball team that won the four games to win the World Series, I have four good reasons why St. Louis is still a better city than Boston.

1. Barbecue - St. Louis is famous for having some of the best ribs in the world. Yeah, Boston has clam chowder and baked beans, but those are appetizers. They don't stack up to a nice meaty rack of St. Louis style BBQ ribs.

2. Warmer Weather -  I don't know about you, but I hate the cold. St. Louis is warmer, and more importantly, winter weather ends quicker and it warms up to spring faster. According to weather.com, the average high temperature in the month of April is only 56 degrees in Boston, while it's 67 degrees in St. Louis.

3. Lower Cost of Living - Boston is expensive! According to numbeo.com, the consumer price index ins Boston is 93.86, while S. Louis is much more affordable at 71.45 (the lower the number the better).

4. Better Traffic - It's a well known fact that Boston has some of the worst traffic in the country. It's in the Top 10 statistically for time spent sitting in traffic. I've driven in both cities, and I'll tell you that Boston has some of the worst traffic I've ever seen.

So that's just a few reasons I think St. Louis is the better city. Boston may have won the World Series, but I'll take St. Louis any day!