The Sedalia City Council discussed the issue of front-yard parking in its pre-council meeting Monday night.

Council heard from Community Development Director John Simmons, who presented them with a draft of a city ordinance crafted by the Planning & Zoning Commision.

Simmons said that P & Z have been working on the issue since May. Four members of the commission were present for Monday night's meeting, including Mayor Stephen J. Galliher, Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey, Councilman Jeff Leeman and Connie McLaughlin.

One of the provisions of the proposed ordinance allows for 40 percent of the lot to become a driveway for vehicles, provided it is covered in at least four inches of gravel. The size of the gravel was not defined. Also, the gravel must be contained by a border, whether it be constructed of wood, metal or concrete to prevent gravel from migrating to the city's storm drains. Alternative materials to gravel are allowed, Simmons noted. The recommended depth of the gravel was not addressed due to the fact that there is no industry standard for that, Ardrey noted.

After 30 minutes of discussion, which included how much time would be allowed before enforcement would commence, it was determined that the issue would be carried over to the next Council meeting to give P & Z more time to refine its proposed ordinance. P & Z meets again at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 3. Council members were invited to attend.

In other Council news, purchases from Velocity Computer Tech of a Sophos firewall and anti-virus renewals for $13,018.95 and Sophos Intercept-X Ransom Ware for $2,375.10 were approved. The vote was seven yes and one absent (Jo Lynn Turley).

A liquor license was renewed for Kelly Wertz-Black dba State Fair Spirits in the amount of $487.50 for packaged liquor, Sunday sales and taste testing.

At the start of the Council meeting, three City employees were recognized for service awards. Kenneth Oswald, senior equipment operator for the City's Street Department, has served 20 years. Daniel Layton, equipment operator for the WPC Department, has served for five years. Oswald and Layton were not present at Monday's meeting.

Christoher Maggert, Sedalia Fire Department firefighter for five years, did attend Monday night's meeting and was recognized by Mayor Galliher.

Firefighter Larry Newbill was honored for his 43 years and 10 months of service to the City of Sedalia. Mayor Galligher spoke highly of Newbill and presented him with a gift from the City. During his acceptance speech, Newbill mentioned some of favorite people he worked with over the years on the department.

"These guys are gone now, but they were my best friends," Newbill said. "You know, I loved them like a brother."

Some of the names he listed included Charlie D, Gary Sutton, JD Bunch, Richard Lilly, Clint Franklin, David Steelfield, Darrel Scott and Rick Morris. "I miss them. And I will miss the fire department, but it's time for me to go," he said.


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