Over Mother’s Day weekend, I had the chance to stop and visit my mom in Knob Noster and then head to Warrensburg.  I decided after taking mom out, I thought I’d drive by Whiteman Villages and by the fenceline of Whiteman Air Force Base.  I thought this would be a good time to remind you that Wings over Whiteman 2012 is coming!

This means that next weekend Whiteman Air Force Base will be open to the public, and you’ll be able to see the likes of the B-2 Stealth Bomber, B-1 Bomber, A-10 Thunderbolt, T-38 Talon, plus the heritage planes. For those that are like me and have been around since the missiles were here, even Oscar-1 will be open for tours. I have been to each air show since I lost my dependency from my parents when I graduated from college, and each time I go,  it is like history comes back to life for me.  If it weren’t for Whiteman, I wouldn’t have been in this area and I have lived around since my dad got orders to come after living in Germany back in 1985.  The Base has changed a lot over the years, different missions, different commanders, different people, but the one thing that isn’t different is the passion the Air Force personnel bring. We thank you for your service.

Over the years, I have had the chance to do a few media flights, which is one of my favorites was flying with the Red Baron Squadron and requesting they do their normal flying, all I can say is nothing like doing a hammerhead turn in an open cockpit and not get sick.  That was a blast, got to do that twice.

Then there was the famous flight in 2010. I got to go up in the air with the Golden Knights! These guys and gals hate to land, they live to jump from airplanes.   I have a rare glimpse from the plane in 2010 here.

Regardless whether you get the up close look or from far away, there is nothing like going to a military air show, and I hope you get the chance to come to Wings Over Whiteman 2012 this Saturday and Sunday, May 19-20!