February is Heart Health Month. I know you know your cardiovascular health is important, but it is definitely easy to ignore. Especially for women. I know when I was growing up, it seemed like all the patriarchs died of heart attacks, while the women died of old age or cancer. Well, turns out heart disease is the number one cause of death for women, one in three. That's more than all the different kinds of cancer combined.

So yeah, you can read some tips, you can do what you can to make yourself safer however you can, but... there is a way you can help others, too.

The third annual Go Red For Women will take place next month in downtown Sedalia.  What it does is, it raises money to help save lives that might be affected by heart disease right here in Sedalia.

The goal of the 2022 Wear Red For Women Luncheon is to raise money for Automated External Defibulators (AED's) and increase awareness of heart disease in women. All proceeds from this year's event will go towards achieving the goal of having Automated External Defibulators (AED's) in every place people work, learn, play, or pray in Sedalia.

They've only been doing this for a few years, and already have bought over a hundred of these AED's to place all over in different churches, schools and vendors in town. So how does it work?  You either attend the event, which comes up on February 25th at the Foundry from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Get your tickets Here.  And yes, if you're nervous about attending in person, they do have virtual options.  And you can even bid silently online.

What are you bidding on?  The good stuff.  Designer stuff, you know, the "Treat Yo Self" stuff.  Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade bags (more names, as well), bracelets, watches, all sorts of goodies.

My dudes.  I know this seems like a "girls only" event.  But can you imagine...... you swoop in online, buy like four things, and then you're set for anniversary, birthday, Valentine's, maybe even Christmas this year.  And every time you give her a gift, it's BOUND to be something she likes, and you can remind her that you did it for charity because, you know, you're totally a good person.  Every time she'll wear it, or use it, she'll think of you and the fact that you wanted to help women fight heart disease.

To me, this is the best bit.  You can watch the event from home, you can bid from home, and if you're wanting to attend once you buy your ticket they'll send you a COVID test to make sure you're all good before you attend.  I mean, I can't imagine how bad I would feel if I just wanted to help a charity and I got someone sick. Even with both jabs and a booster, it would give you that additional peace of mind to know you're not going to get someone vulnerable sick.

So it looks like it's gonna be a fun time! A nice lunch, some ways to destress, an auction, a silent auction...and all for something awesome that could save someone you know.  If you'd like to find out more about it or reach out to someone with questions, you can always check out their Facebook page. Tickets are on sale now.   There are no more excuses, get your tickets!

Heartily yours,

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