I usually have a good laugh over cheesy or fun little jokes or pranks. I'm not talking the ones that cause severe damage to a relationship, friendship or whatever. I'm talking about a well placed old joke. Things like the old whoopee cushion or one that I remember a lot the snapping gum. I remember my former General Manager, Dennis Polk, had what appeared to be a spilled drink in his office and it turned out it was just fake.

This week, I came across a good one that I hadn't paid attention to in awhile, while at the Missouri State Fair Idol qualifications at the End Zone in the Thompson Hills Shopping Center. There are $1 bills on the ground that look like you can pick them up, but are in the floor, so you can't pick them up. I guess I hadn't paid attention to them in awhile, but somebody dropped some coins on the ground and I actually tried picking the dollar bill up. Needless to say that didn't happen, but it gave me a good chuckle as I picked up some of the coins and gave it to the person that dropped them. What are some of your favorite all in good fun pranks?