According to a survey of young adults by a candy company called Maynards, technology makes it easier for people to prank their friends, but the old-school ways are still the best.

Forty percent of people between 18 and 24 said that technology makes it more likely that they'll play a joke on their friend, and three of the top five pranks can be done with a cell phone.  But the most popular prank is the oldest one in the book.  Here are the top five most popular pranks:

  1. Jumping out and scaring someone.
  2. Prank phone calls
  3. Posting something embarrassing on a friend's Facebook account when they leave page open.
  4. Sending fake texts from a friend's phone when they're not looking
  5. Photobombing a friend's picture (that means jumping into the background right before they take the picture).

We've all had someone startle us and been on both ends of prank phone calls.  Behka has been known to post something, albeit not too embarrassing, on my Facebook when I leave the studio and it is open, and I've been on the receiving end of fake texts.  But all of these seem pretty unimaginative.  People should be more creative with their pranks.

How about taking a musical greeting card and removing the part that makes the sound.  They're very small.  Then hiding it is a colleagues desk drawer.  They last forever and will certainly drive them crazy.

What do you think would make a good prank?  What creative pranks have you pulled?  Comment below and share!