Sedalia businessman David Goodson announced his candidacy for Pettis County Presiding Commissioner Tuesday just after noon on the first floor of the Pettis County Courthouse.

The event was attended by over 60 supporters who listened to Goodson's statement about his reasons for running for the position.

“We wanted to get out ahead of the race and let people know we're serious. We've got great backing, a great following, and we're putting our campaign together now. We're here for the citizens of Pettis County,” Goodson told KSIS Radio following his public announcement.

“I never thought that I would be a politician in my life, never. And I'm not even comfortable with that term yet, you know. But what I've seen in the last several months, and especially here. We have a great county, and Pettis County has so many good things going on, but we need solid leadership,” Goodson said.

When asked how he made his final decision to run for public office, Goodson responded “I think that the fear that if I don't, we may have the same that we've got. And we're not happy with what that's been like.”

Goodson added that he is not running for the income or votes. “I'm doing it for the citizens of Pettis County. For me to step away from my business and do this, it's financially costly. But I believe this is more important than me, this is for our county, and that's why I'm doing it,” Good stated.

“I want to do the right thing. I was born and raised here,” Good said.

Goodson, who is CEO of Impact Signs, added that he's not worried about the day-to-day operations and his business will not suffer if he wins his campaign.

Filing for the office will happen in February.

In his statement, Goodson said that one of the primary duties of the presiding commissioner is to serve as the county's budget officer. “I pledge to bring the same business building and financial skills to the office of Presiding Commissioner. As our community continues to grow, we need leaders who understand what it's like to start and build a business from the ground up, while taking good care of your employees who are building it with you.”

Goodson's wife of 28 years Julie, as well as their daughter, attended the event on Tuesday.

“My wife, I can't say enough good about her, she's a saint, she's my business partner, mother of my children, her and I are almost inseparable. I'm blessed. She said, 'let's do it, we gotta do this,'” Goodson recalled when he consulted Julie about running for office.

Some of the issues currently facing the county include the proposed landfill, new highway construction (infrastructure), the industrial park, agricultural-based opportunities, attracting more retail to the area, rural internet, and education.

Randy Kirby
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