On Friday morning. Governor Mike Parson signed Executive Order 18-07 for the creation of a Bicentennial Commission. The commission will aid the State Historical Society of Missouri as it implements the commemoration of Missouri’s upcoming bicentennial.


During the 2018 legislative session, the General Assembly appropriated funds to the State Historical Society for helping with the upcoming milestone.
Upon signing the executive order, Governor Parson spoke about the importance of this commission and celebrating our state’s history.


“With the bicentennial a few years away, it is imperative that we create a commission to help with the progress for the upcoming commemoration,” said Governor Parson. “Missouri has a rich history and diverse heritage that deserves a proper celebration. I know the commission, along with everyone involved, will provide a milestone that every Missourian can be proud of.”


Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe and Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard will present the State Historical Society with a ceremonial copy of the executive order Friday night at its annual dinner.


The State Historical Society of Missouri will collaborate with the Missouri Bicentennial Alliance in developing plans for the bicentennial.


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