I have been anxiously awaiting more consistent and warmer weather. 

I would like to turn off my heater for the year, and save a little money on electricity.  With my work schedule I am usually done by 2pm and I know I need to get some more exercise.  With my bad knees, a good walk can do the trick.  Low impact, I have comfortable shoes, and after a little sunblock, I can grab my IPOD and phone and I am ready to go.  Now taking a walk in downtown Sedalia is nice, but Missouri has a lot of places that are quite scenic that may make the walk or hike just a little bit better.  Lets talk about Lower Rock Creek Trail.

attachment-Lower Rock Creek 4

This trail is located in Mark Twain National Forest and it is a 6 mile hike.  It isn't for novices.  There is some tough terrain.  But you will see some waterfalls and lots of water, and scenery that is breathtaking.

attachment-Lower Rock Creek 6

You will come across some natural spots like the one above.  A natural pool.  Nice flowers.  Nature at its finest.

attachment-Lower Rock Creek 1

Not that long ago, I bought a pair of hiking boots from Sketchers.  They have always been comfortable on my feet.  If you plan to take this hike, make sure your shoes are comfortable and durable.  You will probably want that as these pictures may indicate.

attachment-Lower Rock Creek 2

It is recommended that you have a GPS with you in some capacity if you undertake this hike.  Lower Rock Creek Trail features a pink/orange blaze, which you'll see on several trees along the trail. Some of these are supposed to be hard to see.

attachment-Lower Rock Creek 5

Slippery rocks, water, and there are some creatures you need to keep an eye out for.  Snakes, plenty of bugs, and ticks.  You have been warned.

Hopefully some of these photos of this outdoor trail may interest you as the weather improves.  You would need to plan for weekend, as this is 4 hour trip from Sedalia.  You can click HERE for more info on Lower Rock Creek.  If you are an outdoor kind of person and like a physical challenge, I think this place will be worth the trip.

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