Habitat for Humanity partnered with their regional Missouri Center for Independent Living, WILS, to construct a ramp at a local couple’s home.

Jim Brown, age 84, and Carroll Brown, age 81, have lived in Marshall since 1969 and like the town and community very much.  However, in the last 5 years Carroll has had several health issues that necessitated many trips to the doctor and hospital.  She is mostly bed bound which made the steps in and out of their home a serious challenge.  Even the ambulance crews had trouble getting a gurney up & down the stairs. Jim says that the ramp is a “Godsend” because he can get Carroll into the car much easier.  He told WILS and Habitat for Humanity how grateful he and Carroll both were for constructing the ramp.

Ronda Wickham, secretary for the Habitat for Humanity of Saline County organization, said, “It is a privilege to partner with WILS to help families when circumstances make special accommodations necessary.  Our group has some very talented people who volunteer their time and expertise to help those whose disabilities make it difficult to use stairs.”

WILS has a long-standing working relationship with Habitat for Humanity, having built ramps together since 2008.  Working with Habitat for Humanity volunteers is amazing because it allows WILS to get projects completed quickly, while meeting the high quality standards of both organizations. Funding is made possible through grants, corporate and individual donations, and fundraising activities.

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“WILS works to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve or maintain their independence and our partnership with Habitat for Humanity enhances our mission. As a one-stop resource center, WILS is the place people can count on to find out what service options are available to them in their community. This knowledge allows individuals to make informed decisions about the services which best meet their needs,” says WILS Senior Executive Assistant, Kathy Wyatt.

Since 1997, WILS has served people with disabilities of all ages in Benton, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis, & Saline Counties. As a Center for Independent Living (CIL), WILS is a non-residential, nonprofit resource center. WILS offers programs and services for people with disabilities and their families at all stages of life so they can live independently at home and within their community. Fifty-one percent of our staff and board of directors are persons with disabilities; we are who we serve. For more information, or to donate to WILS ramp program, please visit w-ils.org or contact info@w-ils.org.

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