It's almost Halloween, and that means the kids and parents will be out having fun.  The key is to be safe by following these tips:

  • Always keep a flashlight with you after dark.
  • Wear glowsticks for visibility at night.
  • Always travel with a group of people.
  • Be mindful of the traffic.

With that said, hopefully we'll see you all at the Downtown Trick-or-Treat.

Halloween weekend is my favorite part of deer season.  The bucks start moving, and with the cold air moving in, it will just get better.  I think the alpha does should be coming in heat next week.  There is a misconception that the young does come into heat first, which is false.  It's also been proven that the rut is not triggered by the temperature. It's the amount sunlight that changes their cycle.

Remember that Daylight Savings time happens on youth weekend this year.  Of course, that does not change the rut for the deer, because deer don't wear watches.  It does put them in between their travel at shooting in the light versus the dark, so get ready for some awesome hunts over the next three weeks.

Our youth hunt is next weekend, so drop by DQ and meet some of the first-time hunters, hopefully with their harvest.  Don't forget to register for the Big Buck contest, check out the great prizes in the KIX Country Club and take a shot at our DQ Question of the Week.

Hunt hard and be safe!