I don't want to take away from Valentine's Day too much, but I have a certain love for not only my wife, but also amusement parks. A good amusement park, will always have roller coasters, water rides, swings, bumper cars and more, but the mark of a lot of parks for me is the Ferris Wheel.

Today (Feb. 14), is the celebration of the birth of the man who brought us the ferris wheel, George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. and it marks Ferris Wheel Day.

The Missouri State Fair usually always has a ferris wheel and I love getting on it to see the whole layout of the Missouri State Fair from up top. There is something magical about when you're stopped at the top and you get to look all the way around with friends and family.

Many relationships have fond memories of stealing a kiss or two when you reach the top.

I realize there are many who have a fear of heights and don't get a chance to get on the ferris wheel and then are those who just want the fast rides, like the roller coaster. For me, I just love getting the chance to go round and round and as high as possible and share stories with my family, as we keep going around.

There are a few ferris wheel's that stand out in memory as my favorite, such as the one at the Missouri State Fair, but also Colossus at Six Flags in St. Louis, another one on Boblo Island and there is another that I have never riden, but you see it off I-70 on your way to St. Louis. I use that one to know I'm close to home.

Let me know if you have a favorite ferris wheel or ferris wheel memory.

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