It’s difficult to ask for and get a raise these days, and unfortunately it can be just as tough to get a promotion. We've put together a few simple ways to help you get that position bump you want and deserve.

The people who get promoted aren’t just showing up and doing their jobs, they’re doing a whole lot more to get noticed and be respected. They’re making sure they’ve got a voice in the company and becoming invaluable to the bottom line. But it’s not magic. People who get promoted are doing things that anyone could do, if they just know the steps.

Here are five ways we found that will put you in the pole position for getting that big promotion:

Work Well With Others

To put yourself in a position to get promoted, you have to be loyal and trusted by the people you work with, especially those higher up the ladder. And you have to be someone people want to work with. Mind your attitude. A boss doesn’t want to promote someone who’s going to complain or make the work environment unpleasant.

Also, you have to be good at teamwork. Volunteer to help with projects (and then make sure you actually do help). Support the work of others while pulling your own weight. You should also be good at networking. Go to company functions and be visible in a positive way. And it never hurts to sincerely praise your boss to senior leadership. This will get you noticed in far better ways than complaining ever does.

Learn and Grow

Another good way to find yourself on the fast track to a promotion is to have a high capacity for growth. You have to be willing to learn. You won’t ever get out of your position if you don’t know anything beyond your position. Keep your ears open to find out what some of your organization’s goals or future plans are and then educate yourself to be able to help the company reach those goals. Become an expert in a new market or revenue stream and you’ll find yourself in a leadership position when that aspect of the business is developed. Take leadership courses if you want to get into management. Show your boss that you are willing to grow and your boss will be happy to let you do so.

Innovate and Take Risks

Traditionally, people who go far in business are risk takers. If you want to prove yourself invaluable to your company, you have to become an innovator. If you notice an issue with a system or way of doing business, don’t complain about it. Research a solution and present it to your boss when you point out the problem. If you have the capacity in your workload, offer to help on a project where you feel you could offer some new ideas. Don’t be afraid to speak up about your ideas if you’ve done your homework and have proof they could work. Innovators are great for the bottom line and that’s key to getting promoted.

Be the Keeper of Your Job

This is basic, but it’s very important. You aren’t going to get promoted if you’re not doing a good job in the position you already have. Before you can start learning new things, taking on new responsibilities and presenting innovative ideas, you need to have mastered your basic job duties. Make sure you know what’s expected of you and are holding up that end of the bargain. And, make sure you are at work. The person who takes more than their allotment of time off, for whatever reason, is not going to be considered dedicated to the cause and won’t be trusted with a higher position and more responsibility.

Here’s something that isn’t as basic: If you want a promotion, groom someone you work with to take your position. When your boss promotes you, he creates a staffing issue for himself that he’s not going to want to deal with. If you have someone ready to recommend for your now open position, you’ve solved his problem (way to go, innovator) and you’ve left no excuses for moving you up the ladder.

Make Yourself Available

Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time really does help. But you don’t have to sit in the corner just doing your job waiting for some mythical "big break." You can create your opportunity by making yourself available. First, this means not turning down offers from your company. If you are offered a better position or new responsibilities, take it on because you might not get any more offers. They’ll think you aren’t ever interested in moving up.

Beyond that, if you want to get promoted, you have to be willing to move. Larger corporations have multiple locations and if you’re looking to move up the ranks, you may also have to move throughout the country. Making yourself available also means preparing yourself to be able to handle new positions. This goes back to learning and networking. Find out from your network what growth your organization is planning and then put yourself in a position to be perfect for the new jobs that are created for that growth. Do your research and when the time comes, volunteer to head a new team or be the expert in one area of the new business model. Don’t wait for them to come to you. You go to them.