It is now officially Spring.  Winter is no more.  Lets hope we don't see anymore snow, or cold temperatures.  I was getting tired of running my heater, and having my place's electric bill being higher than I had hoped.  I realize we will have another rain storm this week, and then the temperatures should begin to rise a bit.  This will be my first Spring/Summer in Missouri in over 4 years.

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I recently asked our listeners what signals Spring in West Central Missouri.  So I thought it would be nice to share the answers

Maybelle Koeller - The Sedalia DARE fundraising car show.   I am always impressed with car shows.  Some of the vehicle are just amazing.

Lorissa Leigh Gerke - Robins showing up.  I have heard a lot more bird chirping when I leave for work early in the morning.

Heather Rogers - Kehde's BBQ sign count down to Spring.  They do have pretty good food.  And since I drive past the sign twice a day, it is nice to see.

Sue-Ann Montgomery-Arnett - Road ditch daffodils.  Holly Richardson agrees with this idea.

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I asked my co-workers who have been here for a while and got a few more responses:

Aubrey - Lots of planters will be seen, more people walking their dogs, the decorating of the front porches of people's home.  Fishing season.

Craig - Traffic will be heavier on 65.  Limit Ave.  Luckily I do not live too far from work, and I get to work earlier than most.

Mike - Flowers in bloom. The St Patrick's weekend festivities in downtown.

In my experience, I suspect I will see more bees pollinating the flowers that will slowly begin to bloom. And just seeing more people being outside.  I hope I will take advantage and do a bit more walking.

What other signs of Spring can you share?

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