We're back on the weather roller coaster, 20s and 30s through the first part of the week and then back to 50s and 60s.  I know one thing, I'm ready for spring crappie fishing, turkey killin', 3D shootin', campin' and fishin'.  Man, that's what's coming right around the corner.  We'll be posting fishing reports starting in April along with tournament dates.  So get a new line on those reels and knock the dust off your tackle box, because it's right around the corner.

Before that, if you plan on taking your kids out during youth turkey season, you should start getting them out now and get them used to that turkey gun so they feel comfortable.  It's always a lot of fun.  I always start with gun safety first and foremost.

One you and your child feel comfortable, I like to explain what we are looking for in the woods.  This goes along with safety by explaining and showing them what could be between or behind the turkey and what is considered a clean shot.  With children, it's easier to show them as well as telling them because they tend to remember the visual more than the verbal.

Take your child scouting with you and watching your birds.  What better way to get up than going to the woods where you have seen your birds, set up and listen and watch.  Take your binoculars so your child can see the birds from a distance without spooking them.  This is great for distinguishing Toms from Jakes and Hens.  It doesn't take a lot of time on a Saturday morning, and in a few hours you will make memories that last forever.  Once they see the birds and know they are there, they are more likely to be patient on Opening Day.

Set your blind up at home in the backyard if you hunt from one.  I recommend it for younger kids since it helps with movement issues, plus they think it's cool.  You can see what chairs you need and what kind of room you will have.  Also, if your kid has a toy gun, have him aim at a target in your yard.  I also recommend a shooting stick since it will help with the steadiness of the shot.  He or she will be nervous (heck, I still do), so it is an important tool to have.

If you have access to a place to go shoot your weapon such as private property, a gun range or rod and gun club, you should go pattern the gun.  I even take my blind and set it up so the kids can shoot out of it.  It's like a coach always says, "Practice how you play."  I hope these tips will help you have a successful turkey hunt.  Send us your photos so we can add them to the website.

The first Mid-Mo Outlaws home game is this Sunday at 3:15.  If you come to Stone Laser Imaging at 209 S. Ohio and tell me what this blog was about, I'll give you two tickets to Sunday's game.  I have two pairs available and I have coupons for "buy one get one free."  That's $6 tickets, and I have four of those coupons.  I'll be doing this for each home game, first come first served, so make sure you listen and watch for each home game ticket giveaway.

Saturday, May 11 is our first annual MOKids Fishing for a Cure at Liberty Park.  We're partnering with a Relay for Life team for a day of fishin' fun at the park.  Their team will be having lunch for a $3 donation.  Also, the Outlaws players will be there, we'll have archery, fishing and other events.

Until next week, remember that we live with people who want to take our guns, but give F-16 fighter Jets to other countries overseas.