First graders in teacher Darcia Koetting's class at Skyline Elementary School spent the past week studying pilgrims, Native Americans and the first Thanksgiving.

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200

On Tuesday, Nov. 21, they wore T-shirts they had decorated with American Indian symbols and hats and headdresses as they rehearsed their non-fiction reading about the first Thanksgiving.

The students were divided into groups for the reading: Native Americans, male and female pilgrims and turkeys. They later performed the reading for parents and shared a holiday feast.

NA: Skyline Elementary first graders, from left, Gage Duncan, Phillip Kolyesnykov, Si He and Jace Dotson portray Native Americans in a reading about the first Thanksgiving on Tuesday, Nov. 21, in teacher Darcia Koetting's classroom.

Turkeys: Playing turkeys in the reader are, from left, Ireland Weller, Sydney Moss and Claire Privitt. The pilgrims repeatedly apologized to the turkeys for making them the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal.

Pilgrims: Aydan Porter-Willis, left, and Garrett Dennis prepare to read the part of the male pilgrims.

Lineup: Teacher Darcia Koetting, left, gets her students lined up in their proper groups as they get ready to rehearse their Thanksgiving reading.

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