Admittedly, this one took me off guard.I made a decision the other day at the good old grocery store.  I went to buy some milk, since I was out.  Well, lately I've been buying skim milk to help cut a few calories here and there.  It works for what I use it for (cereal and tea), and I don't really drink whole glasses of it much anymore.

So I get to the dairy section, and I'm about to grab my jug when I see many different varieties of almond milk.  I think to myself, huh.  "Self, you love almonds.  You snack on them often.  What's the deal with almond milk?"  So I look at it, compare it to skim.  The expiration date was further back, the calories were a lot less than skim milk (like more than half), but it was a scosh bit more expensive.  I decided, why not? Try it!

I did. And it was amazing.  Has the same consistency of milk, with a little nutty aftertaste. I was sold!

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I took to social media (which, to be honest, other than talking about music.... I don't use much) to share my rapturous findings.  Little did I know, a lot of my friends were also big fans of non dairy  milk.  In fact, several people were telling me to ditch the almond milk and to go for oat milk!  Online friends from California, New Zealand, Canada,... old co-workers, old friends from high school, were all coming out of the woodwork, weighing in to tell me how much they love oat milk.  I hadn't heard from some of these people in literally months, sometimes years.  But this topic is what brought out their opinions. Who knew we were so passionate about this subject?


Keila G  (Old internet friend - think 2000s - in CA, has horses)

I really like unsweetened almond milk, the sweetener ones are too sweet for me. It's lower in calories than dairy milk and although the taste isn't identical, it is equally yummy.
I live right by some big almond farms and they're fucking with my aquifer and I need to get a new well and it's horrible 🙁

Monica M (High School Art Club friend)

We use oat milk and love it.

Donna M (Internet friend from NZ)

I really like almond milk but it's no good with anything savoury. I get macadamia milk sometimes because apparently I am fancy.

Kristen M (College Theater friend)

Oat milk is even better than almond milk! We made the switch!

Jonathan S (English friend that lives in Canada, I think)

Another vote for oat milk (though I've found some brands are better than others). Most of the time I prefer it to milk but there are some meals where it doesn't quite work as well.

This intrigues Me! This really got my interest piqued. I just decided to try something new, and now I might have to try something else and check out oat milk.  Although it's gonna be a while, I gotta finish up this unsweetened almond milk first.

Have you ever tried a non dairy milk? Which one do you like? Oat, Almond, Hemp, Cashew?

Milkfully yours,

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