I know, guys, you wouldn't have expected this one to come from me. I'm just not a sporty person.  I've never cared who wins and who loses, so I guess that kind of takes the thrill out out of it.

But, I do get loving something so much that people might look at you a little bit funny.  I have to remind myself not to judge when I see Chiefs flags everywhere or Chiefs tattoos or even Chiefs haircuts.  Especially not me, someone who is currently writing this wearing their RJ necklace and their Mang socks surrounded by Map of The Soul: Persona, MOTS: Seven, and Love Yourself: Answer photos and memorabilia.

It's the same kind of love and appreciation, just for different things, that's all.  Mine is a very specific thing, but so is yours.  And yeah, mine may not be loved by a lot of people here in West Central Missouri, but yours isn't loved internationally like mine is.  So we have our people and our audiences, and there's nothing wrong with either one.  I say, love what you love how you love it, and if people judge you, that's their loss.

And so since a lot of you footyball fans were totally you know, given a small heart attack this past weekend, I thought I'd show you something fun for the die hard football fan.  A place... you can truly call your own.  It's a duplex in Joplin that's for sale right now.  Once you see the extras in this place, you'll know it belongs in the Chiefs Kingdome.

The Chiefs Kingdom

So Chiefs fans, do you love it, or do you LOVE IT?  I mean, this is pretty cool to me, and I'm just a nerd that likes to look at photos of other people's houses.  If you're like that AND a Chiefs fan... well. You may need to look at moving to Joplin.

Kingdomingly yours,

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