Some of you are aware that my home state is Illinois.  I have lived in that state almost 42 years of my life.  I have to say, when it comes to dealing with the DMV in my home state, and dealing with traffic cameras, and getting license plates and generally all things traffic related, it isn't very good.  I am glad to be living in Missouri now, and this potential new program that Illinois may be implementing could discourage you from making a road trip to our bordering state.

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Picture yourself driving on a road like the one you see above in GIF form.  You are just cruising along, and then one of those poles seems to flash at you.  That would be a camera that would be scanning your license plate.  This apparently will be done to assist the police in potentially solving crimes.  Illinois residents could soon see cameras installed along the state’s highways.  Several lawmakers have come into close contact with shootings on expressways. These violent crimes shot up during and after the pandemic.  You can read more about this HERE.

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Now there are lot of open highways in Missouri.  Whenever I drive home to the Land Of Lincoln, there are places where I am driving and I see nothing but open fields, farms, and perhaps an occasional rest area.  I am certain I have exceeded the "speed limit" on more than one instance.  This is what I think this could lead to, eventually these camera will be used to catch speeders on those long stretches of road.  That same technology could be useful in the future if the state decided to implement a mileage tax.

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Now I am guessing that many of you would not want some random camera on a open road in Missouri scanning your plate for any reason.  But what if our state does decide to do this? If it could help the Missouri State Highway Patrol solve a crime, could you live with it? If it ever got used to cut down on speeders and reckless drivers, or to perhaps identify people with outstanding warrants and have them captured, would that be OK with you?  If it alerts law enforcement of potential drunk drivers if someone is driving erratically, could you get on board.  Those of you who commute on these long roads in the Show Me State, feel free to weigh in. My hunch, if this is even discussed, especially the idea of a mileage tax, it will get shot down pretty quick.

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