Churches are very well known for having some of the best food fundraisers around. You have everything from spaghetti to chili to soup to even doughnut Sundays. The Immanuel United Church of Christ has one of the more unique dinners around with the annual German Dinner.

The Immanuel Church of Christ labors to put on the homemade cuisine of sauerbraten, German potato salad, turkey, apple sauce, mashed potatoes and more. The parking was full around the corner and the crowds were constant for this delicious German food that was served from 4 until 7 last night (October 24, 2015).

In addition to the dinner, there is a country store where you can buy candles, more homemade desserts and even Christmas gifts home.

This year I was not able to eat at the event, but took some home. I want to thank the ladies who helped me pack the food into a box, serve up the food and made sure I didn't forget to get the dessert before leaving. It was a good thing the to go boxes were available, since the basement of the church was pretty full this year.