The last day of June was a momentous one for David Goodson, his wife Julie their children Katie and Jeffrey Goodson, and the roughly 40 employees of Impact Sign, Wraps and Awnings, Inc.

That's because on Friday morning, the company broke ground for a new 52,000-square-foot facility to be built at Thompson Meadows Industrial Park (TMIP), where it will be highly visible to travelers on Highway 50 near the front entrance.

The facility at 819 Curry Drive will serve as world headquarters for a small business that began over a quarter of a century ago in a garage as “Sticker Boy Sign Company.”

Around 2001, the name was changed to Impact, “and since that day, we've never looked back, and continued to grow each and every year,” Goodson said. “It makes us proud to do it here in our hometown.”

Impact Founder and CEO David Goodson plans to add eight more employees to an existing payroll of 40 through a construction project expected to cost around $8 million that will sit on five-and-a-half acres.

The building project is expected to take between 10 and 12 months, Goodson said.

Pettis County Presiding Commissioner Bill Taylor spoke for all three commissioners.

“It's a great deal when a new industry comes to town, but to me, when a business that was started by a young man who had a job and had a vision and created what is now a national company, to work right here out of Pettis County Missouri, I think it's something for all of us to be proud of, and I want to thank David for choosing Sedalia and Pettis County to build a new facility. He could have gone anywhere,” Taylor remarked.

Sedalia Mayor Pro Tem Rhiannon Foster gave a brief speech to the dozens of people gathered at TMIP for the special occasion.

“Good morning & welcome to this momentous occasion as we gather here today to celebrate the ground-breaking ceremony for Impact Signs in the beautiful City of Sedalia. On behalf of the City, I am thrilled to be here to congratulate you. This ground-breaking exemplifies the City of Sedalia's commitment to fostering an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and investment. We understand the importance of providing businesses like Impact Signs with the support they need to thrive. The City has worked diligently to streamline processes, provide incentives, and build infrastructure, all to ensure that Sedalia is a welcoming place for businesses to grow and flourish. Today's ground-breaking ceremony for Impact Signs marks a promising milestone in the ongoing progress of our great city. It reinforces Sedalia's position as a welcoming and prosperous community for businesses of all sizes. We celebrate this achievement with pride and look forward to witnessing the positive impact that Impact Signs will undoubtedly continue to have on the City of Sedalia. Thank you, and congratulations to Impact Signs on this exciting step forward,” Mayor Pro Tem Foster said.

The announcement for the expansion was made about nine months ago on Sept. 28 at State Fair Community College. “This expansion is a direct response to the increased demand of our products & services. Last year, Impact provided sign products & services to 13 different states, in 209 cities and represented over 1,000 projects. We offer visual communication and branding solutions that are specific to our client needs. Our goal is to help each of our customers elevate their brands and businesses to the next level,” Goodson said on that occasion.

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On Friday morning, CEO Goodson thanked his team of managers, leadership, designers, fabricators and installers. “Every part of our company has strong leadership, strong people, and we're extremely proud of them.”

Goodson promised a state-of-the-art wrap bay coming to the new facility, “probably the best wrap bay in the United States” with humidity control, temperature control and proper lighting. “We will continue to have customers coming from all around, bringing big vehicles here to be wrapped and continue to put out great product and ship out around the country,” he said.

Goodson also thanked EDSPC for their efforts in helping Impact achieve their expansion dreams, thanking Board President Rusty Kahrs, who served as emcee for the event, Executive Director Jessica Craig and her office staff, and the EDSPC Board of Trustees.

His comments were followed by a ceremonial turning of dry, dusty dirt by several invited guests holding shovels. Goodson expects to see stakes in the ground starting next week, and those driving by the site will see progress very soon.

Impact Signs ceremony

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