When you hear that a 22-year-old college senior is going to spend four days in Las Vegas, your first thought is probably, “Oh yeah, PARTY CENTRAL!” Well, I can tell you right now that that’s not always true. See, I spent last week in the wonderful city of Las Vegas for something known as the NAB Show. The NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show is held once a year at the Las Vegas Conference Center. I’ve now had the honor of attending this conference the past two years. 

The NAB Show is basically anyone involved in any part of broadcasting’s dream come true. I remember walking in for the first time last year, seeing all of the radio equipment and drooling everywhere. It’s THAT awesome. I feel like me explaining it doesn’t do nearly as much justice as actually being there. 

The coolest piece of equipment that I stumbled upon this year was called the Stinger Mini for iPad from Simian BSI. Now I’m a fan of anything Simian related, but Stinger is every ADD kid’s best friend. Basically, there were 20 different sounds you could hear. Me, being the mature person that I am, pressed all of them at once.


You’re probably wondering why I felt the need to blog about this. I’ve always been a fan of radio and the different aspects to it, but the NAB Show added to my love of radio and broadcasting in general. The NAB Show is a rewarding experience and I'd advise anyone interested in broadcasting to try and make the trip out to Las Vegas at least once. You won't regret it.