Wednesday afternoon, for my 3 O'Clock Question, I asked: What's a sound that absolutely drives you carazy?

It turns out it's not just the words that come out of our mouth that annoy us. It's almost any sound that comes from our mouth.

Mia Anderson writes:

Any mouth noises that isn’t talking. So to name a few that would be gulping, chewing, eating with mouth open, sucking something out of teeth, popping gum...

Mia covers a lot of ground with that response. From eating, to personal hygiene, to drinking. But it doesn't stop with these annoying habits. My friend Janice Foley backs up what Mia says, "Cracking of gum, people chewing loud foods, the list is endless."

Moving away from food related sounds, here's some other noises our mouths make that people hate. Grinding teeth, whistling and smacking, knuckle popping, sighing and groaning. People with dentures clacking them.

There you have it. Almost anything we do with our mouths except eat is sure to annoy someone. Yet there are some other responses that piqued my interest.

Like this one from Sherry Jo about the Wood's West Parking Lot:

The sound my tires make when Bings (Woods west)resurfaces their lot.

Or this chestnut from Brian that makes me shutter just writing the words:

Nails on a chalkboard.

Or this one from Nancy:

A fly when trying to sleep.

When this happens to me I have to kill the fly. Otherwise the thing is going to dive bomb my face all night long. And that noise a fly makes, wow is it loud when it's dive bombing your face and flying around the ear.

Chad mentions "My tinnitus." And three people immediately agreed with him. That's a tough one to have to deal with; and guys like me worry about getting it because we wear headphones usually turned up to long.

There's no shortage of sounds that annoy us, yet by and large, most of them are related to sounds that come out of our mouths vs. a song, or some random noise that grosses us out or makes us shiver. And that is surprising to me. What sound annoy's you? Join the discussion on Facebook here.

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