I recently featured fill in a blank question of the day on our Facebook page that asked people where the rudest people in Missouri come from. Here's what you told me.

I figured the winner would either be Kansas City or St. Louis because those are the closest big cities. I wasn't wrong either. St. Louis got the most mentions of the post. That said, Kansas City made the list but wasn't in the top three or four cities listed. Like many places on the list, one person cited it.

I say many places because people didn't just limit themselves to Missouri towns and cities. For example, coming in second was the state of Kansas. From Topeka to Dodge City, I guess you could say the average Missourian isn't a fan of the average Kansan.

Tied for third place on the list was St. Joseph, and surprisingly Sedalia. Generally, I haven't run into many rude people in Sedalia. I'd say I've run into more rude people in my town of Warrensburg, which by the way, surprisingly, hadn't been mentioned in the post as of this writing.

Illinoisans and people from "other states" also made the list. As did people from the east and west coasts. I can't speak for the west coast, but yeah, there's a general brusqueness to folks you meet from the east coast. Heck, you don't even have to go that far east. I'd say Michiganders and those folks in the Cleveland part of Ohio sort of have that east coast gruffness to them that we don't have in other parts of the midwest.

Admittedly it's a small sample from our Facebook page. But there has to be a little truth to this, right?  Here's the complete list of places you said the rudest people in Missouri come from:

3. St Joseph and Sedalia (tie)

2. Kansas

1. St. Louis

Making our list: California, east or west coast, Tightwad, other states, Kansas City, Clinton, and Columbia.

By the way, if it seems there are rude people everywhere you go. It could be a you problem, I'm just sayin'.

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