A simple act of service has made a Missouri deputy famous as video of him helping an 11-year-old escape an incoming thunderstorm has now gone viral.

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I saw this honorable Missouri moment first shared by Yahoo in the United Kingdom. It's based on a video that originated on the Clay County, Missouri Sheriff's Facebook page. Here's the quick backstory:

  • The officers names are Deputy Griffin and Deputy Eslinger
  • The 11-year-old boy is on his bike some distance from home
  • The incoming thunderstorm was bearing down on them July 30, 2023

People seem to be taken by the fact that the officers were mindful of this boy's safety in a storm.

The comments on the Clay County Sheriff's Facebook page have been super-positive. Many made mention of the quick thinking of the officers and that this was an example of true community service. "Good cops" was one of the more liked comments and I agree.

Is it just me that some of the only stories shared about police tend to be negative ones involving scandal? I'd vote for more like this as there are legions of men and women who honorably serve their communities. You just don't hear them make the news as much because they're quietly doing their jobs to serve and protect.

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