College sports are big business. It's even big business for smaller schools like the University of Central Missouri which just signed a five-year extension on their apparel contract with BSN/Nike.

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The University of Central Missouri announced the Board of Governors approved a five-year contract extension with BSN/Nike as the official apparel for University of Central Missouri Athletics.

In a UCM press release, Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Matt Howdeshell said the school is thrilled to extend its deal with the biggest brand in sports.

"The Swoosh and Mule logos together hold historical significance to our programs and this athletic department. We are excited about the ways we can further innovate and enhance our brand with BSN/Nike into the future."

BSN Vice President of Collegiate Sales Todd Northrop is quoted in the UCM press release talking about the partnership between UCM and BSN/Nike.

"This strategic partnership provides the finest apparel and athletic products to the Mules and Jennies athletic teams and benefits each student-athlete on the athletic field or court. We are proud to be their partner and excited to elevate the student-athlete experience together."

While it may seem that athletic apparel or even team uniforms aren't big business, look at the student-athletes on any college campus. You'll see them wearing university team apparel that's always branded. It doesn't matter if it's a major university like Mizzou or Texas Tech, or a smaller school like UCM. It's a big deal.

Heck, I once worked at a radio group that was the flagship for a major Big 12 University sports broadcasting operation. In the contract that the university had with the radio station, our sports station-branded gear the announcers wore had to be the same brand the university had a deal with. It's that big a deal.

While I wouldn't make a college commitment based on what the official athletic apparel a university decided to partner with, I do like nice, well-made, comfortable clothing. And I'd imagine if I was a student-athlete who's going to be practically living in that stuff on and off the court or field, I'd want it to be nice. Based on the Nike stuff I do own, I'd say that fits the bill.

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