It's one of the biggest food weeks of the year.  We all know what it is we're looking forward to having for the big Thanksgiving meal.

And yeah, a lot of us are looking forward to some great grub!  What are some of your favorites? I asked on our Facebook page, and got some interesting answers.

What We DO Want at Thanksgiving

Kenneth T
Pumpkin Pie, Bay—BEE!!

Well, it IS a classic.  You just don't have Thanksgiving without the 'Punkin.

Corissa B
The turkey gravy. On everything!

Gravy boats to the rescue!

Robyn Mackenzie

Gary J

If nothing else, it helps to keep you jolly at the table, right?

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Becky C
Eating it with the people I love.

Awwww, see, what a nice, sentimental answer.  How sweet.

David C
Everything, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

Heck to the yes! We'll put you in a bathtub full a biscuits.

Rafaela P
Mashed potatoes

Gotta do em right, though.  Don't let 'em taste the flakes!

So now the question is, though, what DON'T you want?

What we DON'T Want For Thanksgiving

Is there something that is always somehow on the table that you can't stand? Is there something you don't like, but eat anyway because you want to seem grateful?

Trina K
Cranberry sauce

I don't have a lot of experience with cranberry sauce, if I'm honest.

Carol D

Now, I get this, in a way. I mean, some gravies are... lumpy and fatty. Ya gotta work to find a good one.

Courtney P
Deviled eggs

Leanna Swafford Wyrick
Deviled eggs...eww

Oh boy, I get this one, even if I do like devilled eggs. I like maybe having one, but not more than one.

family tradition the candied sweet potatoes
Mark R Coons

Bryan F
Sweet potatoes... not because I don't like them... but because there's so many better sides to choose from and I have to be strategic in what I put on my plate. No use getting full from things that aren't 100%... ya know?

Rachel S
The marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes. And the cinnamon. Marshmallows are gross on top and Cinnamon is a choking hazard.

This is another one I can't really say I have a ton of experience with. I'm with Bryan. There are a ton of other options, you gotta be careful about what you're using plate real estate for.

Melissa J
Green bean casserole!

Christine R
Green bean casserole

I can do without the green beans, thanks. I mean, if they're fresh green beans, maybe. But that canned, mushy stuff? No thank you. I don't care how much cheese or bacon you put on those things, they're still gross. And I'm not a huge fan of the egg noodles, either. Again, I think it's a texture thing. They're slimy and mushy and just... bland. Not a fan. And I don't know why exactly, but I'm not a fan of pecan pie either. It's just not for me. Other people like it and that's great, but I'll pass.

Spill the beans here and tell me what it is that you do or don't want to have at your Thanksgiving dinner!

Givingly yours,

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