Don't worry, fans of mid-'90s comedy, Jerry Seinfeld is alive and well and doesn't actually start all his sentences by saying, “What's the deal with...?”

But he does make surprise cameos on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' to recreate famous sketches.

Fallon, Billy Crystal, and a couple 'Last Night' staffers assembled for 'Who's on First: the Sequel,' a take on Abbott and Costello's legendary 'Who's on First' routine.

The sketch opened in black and white with Jimmy in an old-timey baseball uniform, and the confusing banter began. Crystal then emerged, and a short time later, Seinfeld walked out -- to great fanfare. In fact, the sketch was stalled for several long moments while the audience hooted, hollered and applauded his unexpected arrival.

But seriously, what's the deal with having to pay for airline food now?