The Johnson County Emergency Management Agency has purchased two drones with the help of unique community partnerships. This according to the agency's Facebook page. The drones were funded 100% via unique partnerships with the Warrensburg Convention & Visitors Bureau, Stahls Specialty Company and the Johnson County Local Emergency Planning Committee.

One of the drones was fully funded by the Warrensburg Convention & Visitors Bureau. The group got involved when they liked the pitch Johnson County EMA gave to the bureau. Johnson County EMA Director Tony Armstrong says the drone will help with security at community events like BurgFest and Get The Red Out while providing the visitors bureau some great ariel video footage to help market the area.

Another drone, this one equipped with both a normal and thermal camera was purchased with donations from Shahls Specialty Company and the Johnson County Local Emergency Planning Committee. This drone is set up to be used in haz mat situations, or other situations, where first responders want to check the scene out before first responders go in.

In addition to covering the cost of the drones, donations covered the purchase of extra batteries for the drones, as well as training for staff from numerous public safety agencies that will have access to the drone. Operators of drones are required to have a Part 107 remote pilot's license.

Johnson County Sheriff Munsterman envisions the drones being used to look at vehicle and pedestrian traffic during large events. Locating someone with a medical condition or a small child who has walked away from home. Munsterman believes the drones might even elimanate a problem before it starts.

The drones will be available to any public safety agency in Johnson County, and elsewhere in the state if not currently deployed in County. For more details check out the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency's Facebook post:


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