Here are the rules we'll be using at our 2013 King of the Cup Tournament.

-All participants must be at least 21 years of age.

-No drinks are to be put into the solo cups. We will be using water in the cups.

-Teams will shoot at simultaneously to see who goes first. Whichever team gets a ball into a cup first gets to take the first turn. Both teams can agree to flip a coin to see who goes first if they'd prefer.

-Teams take turns throwing the balls into the cups. When throwing, your elbow must be behind the edge of the table.

-If a ball goes into the cup, the defending team removes that cup from the table.

-The defending team is allowed to distract the shooting team however they would like. Trash-talking, name-calling and obnoxious distractions are highly encouraged. However, the defending team is not allowed to touch the ball in mid-air. Touching the ball in mid-air results in one of the defending team’s cups being removed from the table.

-The defending team can remove their cups from the table as soon as a ball goes into the cup.

-Trying to blow the ball out of the cup or flicking the ball with your fingers to spin it out of the cup is not allowed.

-If the shooting team bounces a ball off the table into a cup, the defending team removes the cup the ball went into plus an additional cup. The defending team is allowed to swat the ball in mid-air only after it has bounced off of the table.

-If two teammates each make their shot into a cup, both cups are removed from play and the shooting team gets to shoot again. If the shooting team makes shoots both balls into the same cup, that cup plus two additional cups are removed from play and the shooting team gets to shoot again.

-Each team gets two “Re-Racks” per game, where they can ask rearrange the remaining cups they are shooting at. The defending team rearranges the remaining cups for the shooting team. Re-Racks can only be used by the shooting team before they begin their turn. Re-Racks cannot be used during the middle of a turn once a team member has thrown a ball.

-The game is over when a defending team is out of cups. The defending team will get a "rebuttal" turn, where each teammate shoots until they miss. If all the cups are removed during a rebuttal turn, the game goes to overtime.

-In overtime, three cups will be reracked on either side in a small triangle. Overtime rules are exactly the same. There is no rebuttal turn in overtime.

-Cups that are spilled by a ball will be refilled with water and placed back on the table. Cups knocked over by a team member’s hand or by bumping the table will be removed from play.

-Don’t argue with the referees. The tournament referees have the final ruling on all rules/games and may eject participants from the tournament at any time for any reason.

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