A Missouri organizer for a medical marijuana initiative is suing to remove two other related initiatives from the November ballot.

Springfield doctor and attorney Brad Bradshaw filed two lawsuits Friday seeking to invalidate the medical marijuana initiatives submitted by New Approach Missouri and Jefferson City attorney Lowell Pearson, the Joplin Globe reported.

State law requires ballot petitions to receive a certain number of signatures in six of Missouri’s eight congressional districts.

Bradshaw claims that New Approach Missouri unlawfully obtained signatures. He alleges in the lawsuit that New Approach collected signatures without a petition circulator present, including by placing petition pages in retail establishments.

“These are all desperate claims because Mr. Bradshaw knows he won’t have any support at the ballot box,” said New Approach spokesman Jack Cardetti. “New Approach is a coalition of literally thousands of patients, doctors and veterans that have come together to get this done, while Mr. Bradshaw has tried and failed to get anyone to support his measure besides himself.”

Bradshaw also alleges that some of Pearson’s collected signatures are invalid, making the petition insufficient to qualify for the ballot.

Bradshaw and Pearson didn’t return the newspaper’s request for comment.

Bradshaw also filed a motion requesting that the depositions be conducted within the next 30 days, ahead of the election in less than three months. The Missouri Secretary of State must certify the November ballot by Aug. 28.

Missouri could become the 31st state to legalize medical marijuana if the measure is approved by voters.


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