In light of our Lucky Leprechaun contest, I have found found a couple videos that document a real leprechaun sighting and might explain where Leprechauns actually come from. 

This first video is possibly the best viral video ever. This is a real video of a news program in the Mobile, Alabama area. The reports received news of a Leprechaun sighting in a Mobile area neighborhood. The residents give a variety of explanations for what appears to be a Leprechaun. Some of the evidence includes a eye-witness sketch and my favorite, a Leprechaun flute. Enjoy the video and let us know if you think Leprechauns are real.


This next video is of famous comedian Kathleen Madigan. Madigan is a Irish Catholic comedian from the St. Louis area. In her stand up special, she talks about visiting family in Ireland. While she is there, she took notice of a few thing and came up with her own theory on how the legend of Leprechauns started. Let us know if you think Madigan is on to something.

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