The University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) Outstanding Freshman Award has been awarded to Emily Gregory of Houstonia.

My wife and I have known Emily for a number of years through our association through First Christian Church in Sedalia. Emily was a member of the Northwest High School FFA, and she participated in sports as a Lady Mustang.

Gregory is at the U of Mo studying for a hospitality management major with a minor in business. She's been incredibly involved during her first year at the University of Missouri. According to a media release Gregory joined the Phi Mu sorority, currently serves as the secretary of the Mizzou Club Mangers Association of America and is part of the Mizzou Hotel and Lodging Student Association.

Amanda Alexander, an assistant teaching professor of hospitality management at the University of Missouri said this about Gregory:

“In the one class that I have had to the pleasure to have Emily in she was always willing to contribute to the discussion and offer input to her classmates during break out discussions. Her positive attitude was contagious to her classmates and contributed to the overall class environment."

The release goes on to say Emily was willing to take on the task of leadership role in Mizzou’s Club Manager’s Association of America (CMAA) serving as the chapter secretary and has taken on the responsibility of promoting the student organization on social media. Emily is actively involved in recruiting student members so the student chapter is reinstated and recognized nationally.

Gregory volunteers with Mizzou Tiger Pantry and has done volunteer work with the Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Agency as well.

According to the media release:
“Emily not only wants to succeed academically and professionally, but prioritizes her local community as well.


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