Two local sisters donated nearly 36 inches of their hair to the 'Wigs for Kids' program on Tuesday afternoon, in memory of their late grandfather.


Phyllis Hays turned 10-years old on June 6, and she wanted to donate 18 inches of her hair to the 'Wigs for Kids' program, in memory of her late grandfather, James Hays.

Phyllis's older sister, 11-year old Jonnie Hays, liked the idea so much, that she accompanied her sister to Lasting Impressions Salon on W. 2nd Street, to have their long locks chopped off.

Phyllis Hays is named after her grandmother, who shares the same birthday of June 6. The older Hays was in attendance at the salon when her granddaughters donated their locks.

The elder Hays said, "We always celebrate our birthdays together. I have 23 grand kids, and its nice to have one named after me." Phyllis Hays turned 80-years old today. She laughed and encouraged both her grand daughters, saying, 'the girls are doing this is in memory of my late husband James. He would be proud of them." James Hays Sr. passed away about a year ago, from cancer.

The girls' mother, Sharon Harrington, also donated some of her hair. She said the younger Phyllis hasn't had a hair cut in several years and this was a great way to honor her grandfather.

Nikki Vallery, with Lasting Impressions Salon and co-owner of Battlefields Arcade, donated time and game tokens for the Hays' birthday. Vallery said she and her husband opened the arcade on May 13. Battlefields Arcade is located on E. 16th Street, in Sedalia.

Phyllis and Jonnie donated a total of 36 inches of hair to 'Wigs for Kids,' a program that provides wigs at no cost, to children diagnosed with cancer.

PIC 1: Phyllis and Jonnie Hays before haircut

PIC 2: Phyllis Hays with long hair

PIC 3: 80-year old Phyllis Hays watches her grand-daughters get their hair cut

PIC 4: left to right - Phyllis, Sharon, and Jonnie after haircut

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