Recently my family decided that it was time to get a second dog.   While my wife and I have always had a dog in our life, this would be the first dog that our kids would have the chance to really help pick out.  My wife is a big fan of dachshunds, while my kids like smaller type dogs.  We are not a puppy family, and am proud to say we've gotten all of our dogs from area shelters since we've been married.

The search started by going to and just looking at different dogs. We found ourselves overwhelmed by the amount of dogs available, and it seems that bigger dogs are the ones that struggle to find a home.  We had a corgi, named Zoey, who passed away last year, so we looked at those.  Then we just started looking at other small dogs, such as dachshunds, shelties, greyhounds and others.

We eventually narrowed it down to five dogs and visited them at the Osceola ShelterSedalia Animal Shelter, and AnimalF.A.I.R. It is always hard to go to shelters and not pick out a dog, as there are so many needing homes.  However, we settled on a beagle that we had planned to visit at the Windsor Shelter, but by a stroke of luck, AnimalFair picked her up first.

AnimalFair is a group Diana and I used to be involved with.  They foster care dogs and cats until they find a forever home.  This dog is a beagle, named Pippa, and took to my other dog rather well and also seems to be full of energy for the kids to play with.  After a visit, we were hooked and am pleased to present to you our newest addition, Pippa.


In talking with the various shelters and groups, I want you to take into consideration going to area shelters and adopting a dog or cat.  I am hoping in the future I can feature other dogs and cats, looking for a forever home.