Our second annual Lucky Leprechaun contest is in full swing, with gold being found all over town. Today a leprechaun (ME) stole the prize and hit the streets this Tuesday morning (March 17). So we sent you awesome listeners out to catch me... again!

Ellen tracked me down and gave me a run for my money, and in the end, she won a $150 membership to Brian's Gym. Unlike last year, no one fell. She did come pretty close when I ran around the van. I have to give Ellen some props. She showed up in her work close ready to chase me down. After grabbing my jacket twice, I decided she deserved the prize. Next time, I plan on making you work a little harder so lace up your running shoes. I won't be caught so easy.

We hid our second piece of gold and it was already found! Time to hide the last one. Check our Facebook page for all of your clues.


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