People in China really need to work on how to behave in public.

First, there was the woman who went dookie in a subway station elevator and now comes this wizard who decided to destroy a Maserati.

That’s just dumb, but what’s even dumber is why he did it. The car’s owner decided to manhandle the $430,000 Quattroporte because he was unhappy with the service he received at the dealership, claiming he got used parts and employees failed to repair everything he asked them to fix.

Instead, of, oh, you know, going to a new body shop, ripping the dealership a new one online or calling whatever China's version of the Better Business Bureau is, the owner did the next most sensible thing: he hired some goons to pummel the vehicle with sledgehammers in front of a crowd of curious onlookers. Not a good investment, you say? Well, considering he has the money to buy a Maserati, you can bet he also has the funds to destroy one.

Let’s hope this doesn’t start a trend. We’d hate to see people smash their 60-inch plasma TV to pieces because the cable guy didn’t show up on time or chop off an arm because their insurance company denied their claim to cover their asthma medication.