The Sedalia City Council met in closed session for personnel matters on
Monday, April 16 to establish terms with Matthew Wirt to serve as the City’s Police Chief.

City of Sedalia

Matthew Wirt and his family are lifelong residents of the community. Mr. Wirt has been serving the Sedalia Police Department for over 19 years, starting as a reserve officer and confirming his calling to serve. Matt has had several honors throughout his career including Officer of the Year twice. Mr. Wirt progressed steadily through the ranks being promoted to Sergeant in 2005, assigned to Detective Sergeant in 2009, and to Commander in 2011.

Commander Wirt has served in and over all of the various capacities of the department. This professional experience alongside his educational background equips him well to take on this new level of responsibility. He is a 1999 graduate of the National Police Institute police academy from Central Missouri State University, as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. Wirt went on to graduate from the School of Police Staff and Command in 2009 from Northwestern University Center for Public Safety.

The Police Personnel Board, after their review of Commander Wirt’s qualifications, presentation, and oral interview, unanimously recommended to the Mayor and Council to appoint him to the position.

In their recommendation, the board cited, “Commander Wirt is a known commodity and will make an excellent Police Chief so we do not feel it necessary to look any further.”
Mayor John Kehde said, “I’m honored to appoint Wirt as one of my first official acts as Mayor. His passion for service to our community along with his grasp on how to carry the department forward was undeniable in his presentation, making this decision so evident."

Commander Wirt will assume his new role as Sedalia Police Chief on April 27, 2018.

Former Police Chief John DeGonia announced his resignation less than two weeks ago on April 4, effective May 2.

Ryan Skaith