When you retire, what are you going to do? Will you stick around, or move somewhere else? If you stay put in Missouri, that's not a terrible decision, according to WalletHub's new list of 2016's Best and Worst States to Retire. The Show-Me State did OK on the survey.

Out of 50 states and the District of Columbia, Missouri ranked as the overall 14th best place to retire. To create the list, WalletHub took into account factors like each state's affordability, quality of life, and health care rank. In all, 24 different metrics were considered to compile the list. Missouri didn't have any specific standouts in the various categories, they were all pretty middle of the road, but added up to a 14th place finish.

Among our neighboring states, only Iowa ranked higher than Missouri, finishing in 13th place. Kansas was 33rd, Illinois 31st, Oklahoma 19th, Nebraska 37th, Tennessee 26th, Kentucky was 41st and Arkansas was 40th.

The Top 3 states for retiring are: South Dakota (3rd), Wyoming (2nd) and Florida (1st). Coming in at the bottom of the list was: Hawaii (49th), District of Columbia (50th) and Rhode Island (51st).

The bottom line is this: You could do worse than Missouri when it comes to places to retire. You can see the full list of rankings of 2016's Best and Worst States to Retire at WalletHub.

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