The City of Sedalia and Missouri Main Street Connection have a question for residents of Sedalia and those who work in the community: What do you want downtown?

They're looking for your input and have posted a survey you can take to tell them. The survey takes you through a series of questions that indicates to them what restaurants and bars you go to downtown, what businesses you patronize downtown, and what service businesses you patronize downtown. The survey then goes on to ask you what types of businesses you'd like to see come downtown.

I've come to a couple of conclusions after trying to take the survey. I don't do much in downtown Sedalia. And I have no idea what businesses I'd like to see move downtown, or what types of businesses would get me downtown more.

It's not like I don't ever go into downtown Sedalia either.  My record store, Jammin' Nuggets Music, is downtown.  And I go there a lot. I'll also occasionally go over to the Lamy Building to do some record shopping at Josey Records. But I don't really do much else.

I've had lunch at Fitter's a couple of times. And I hope to make it to Craft Beer Cellar at some point. And I'm hanging out at the Police Headquarters for the Citizens Academy on Wednesday nights this fall. But overall, when I'm in Sedalia most of my time is spent more or less around the radio studios on South Limit.

Maybe it's because my co-workers and I don't play a lot in Sedalia after work? We're not the cocktails after-work kind of crowd. And when we do tend to grab a bite together, we tend to do a quick lunch somewhere near the station. Yet, if someone suggested grabbing a coffee or going to lunch downtown, I'd probably go in a minute.

Sedalia's downtown is beautiful. Every time I turn onto Ohio and go under the arch and come up on the courthouse, I'm struck by how beautiful downtown looks. I need to consciously make some time to head over there for lunch or an after-work cocktail now and then. You should too.

You should also tell the City and Missouri Main Street Connection what you want downtown. It will only make downtown Sedalia stronger. You can take the survey here.

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