No one likes high gasoline prices. So seeing that Missouri is one of the states with the lowest gas prices is pretty cool. That said, filling up your tank might still make your wallet scream.

GasBuddy says after holding steady for much of the nation two weeks ago, gas prices are declining again and had fallen about four cents from last week. What's driving the decline? According to Gas Buddy and AAA Gas Prices, lower oil prices. AAA Gas Prices say oil has fallen to about the mid $70s per barrel, which is $5 dollars cheaper than a week ago.

According to AAA Gas Prices Missouri is one of the top 10 least expensive markets right now for gasoline with an average cost of $3.03 a gallon. Some counties like Cooper, Pettis and Boone are seeing gas prices right around $3.00 a gallon or cheaper as of this writing.

I guess it's cool Missouri is one of the Top 10 states with the cheapest gas prices, yet, Missouri gas prices always seem a little bit lower. Most of us have one or two places we fill up and that's where we're always filling up. Just because it's cheaper than Illinois, or Iowa, or California, really doesn't mean much for many of us.

It's am I paying less to fill my tank up this week vs. last week? That's the real question. If it's a few cents less, or more, then we're happy. If it's stagnant. Or it went up. Nope, not so much.

So will we continue to see gas prices decline?  Probably not. GasBuddy cites the switchover to gasoline's summer formulation as something that will, at least temporarily drive prices up in Missouri.  A spokesman for GasBuddy, Patrick DeHan, told Fox 4 Kansas City that he expects gasoline to be at $4 dollars a gallon by the end of the summer. That's not going to make for a happy summer.

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