The Missouri State Fair is full of places to eat. If you show up around noon, you're bound to see a trail of people outside the Beef House, and then there is the Beef Depot right behind it.  While getting a great steak or hamburger is a one of many memories at the Missouri State Fair, in recent years people have also made time to stop in the Beef Showcase that is organized by the Missouri Cattlewoman's Association.

Missouri Cattlewoman's Association President Brenda Black leads the ladies with cooking demonstrations throughout the day.  She said, "The Missouri Cattlewoman's Association volunteers are gals that know how to cook up good beef recipes, deliver it to the consumers and let them have a taste of what is nutricious and delicious.  We have the opportunity to talk about the nutritional benefits and the 29 lean cuts of beef that are available to consumers and how to make them affordable and how to make it flexible in your family's diet."

Each day the Missouri Cattlewomen feature a different recipe with beef, and if you like what you taste, you can take recipe cards home with you.  There are also educational materials, such as pamplets for the adults and coloring books for kids.

There are cooking demonstrations planned each day six times a day on the hour from 11 a.m. through 4 p.m.  The ladies will share two recipes a day, so be sure to stop by and sample some of Missouri's finest beef at the Missouri State Fair.