Colonel Eric T. Olson, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, invites the public to visit the agency's updated website.

Visit The improved Missouri State Highway Patrol design works best with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

The home page has been advanced and modernized to make finding information easier and to improve the user’s experience. The Patrol's new Show-Me Integrity Accountability Portal is featured prominently to provide an in-depth look into the Patrol's organization, training, career opportunities, and key statistics.

The Patrol added a "What's Trending" window at the bottom of the homepage, showing the agency's Twitter posts so those who do not use social media will still be able to follow the most recent agency news.

"The Missouri State Highway Patrol takes its mission of service and protection seriously," said Col. Olson. "We consider our website a service to the public and feel it's important that visitors to our website can easily find the information they need. When you visit our homepage, statistics, driver examination locations, career opportunities, and troop headquarters' locations are only a few clicks away."

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