Barstool Sports has a movie podcast called Lights, Camera, Pod. Who knew? I didn't. They recently looked at candy sales in Walmart, Target and on Social Media to find out every state's favorite movie candy and posted a handy graphic showing off what each state's favorite is.

I'm not sure I agree with the list. First off, what counts as movie candy? In my mind, it's at least candy you eat in a theater while watching a movie. Ideally it's limited to the types of candy a movie theater sells, but I'll accept any kind snuck into the theater in a purse or pocketbook.

It's not left over Halloween candy. It's not candy you just have around the house that gets eaten during a movie you're watching on demand, on DVD, or cable. That to me is like popping microwave popcorn and saying it's movie theater style. No, it's candy specifically bought to be consumed while watching a movie.

I mention this because here's some states favorite candies: Iowa and Mississippis' favorite movie candy is candy corn. Can you even get candy corn outside of Halloween? Wisconsin's favorite movie candy is Kraft cheese slices? That sounds like an after school snack. Arizona's is those different colored candy dots you eat off a long receipt type of paper.

That said, a lot of states come up with candies I'd expect. California's favorite movie candy is Dots. In Texas they like black licorice. The people of Arkansas and Nebraska like one of my favorite movie candies Junior Mints. The most popular movie candy in Ohio, Lemonheads. North Dakotans like Baked Beans, South Dakotans M&M's.

So what's our favorite movie candy in Missouri? At least according to Lights, Camera, Pod it's Sour Patch Kids.

I'm disappointed. I would have preferred something like Junior Mints. Or one of the classic movie candies like Goobers, Raisinets, or my favorite movie candy Snow Caps. That said, I can get behind Sour Patch Kids. I at least see them for sale in movie theaters. I don't think you can say that for candy corn or Kraft cheese slices.

You can see the info graphic from Lights, Camera, Pod here. What's your favorite movie candy?

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