Okay guys, so I was doing that thing I do where I look at Zillow listings and daydream myself into the house. Don't get me wrong, I'm not moving.  And I'm not looking to buy, it's just something I do. I don't know exactly how I came across this one, but it's in a little town called Carlinville, Illinois.  It's just on the other side of St Louis, so not that far away.  It's a four bedroom, four bath house with a big yard.  It's been on the market for about a week.  But... I don't think it'll stay on the market too long.  Have a look at the photos and you might see why.

Mike's House

Well, I don't know about you, but I approve of a little shenanigans.  After all, what would make your listing stand out from all the others for sale, if not the appearance of a classic movie villain?  Or is Michael Myers really considered a villain? OR is he more of a misguided serial killer or something?  It works either way, either for the lookie loos or for people who are really looking for a house in their town.

Either way, I like the cut of this homeowner's jib.  I like where they went with this, and I think they'll be able to sell the place pretty quick.  Or at the very least, they'll get some attention for their creativity. Which, you know, never got anyone killed in a scream queen movie.  Right?  Right.

Halloweenly yours,

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