When the Save A Lot grocery store on Broadway in Sedalia closed at the end of September I took to Facebook to ask you what you'd like to see in that space.

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As is always the case when I ask a question like this, you need to take some of the responses with a dollop of sarcasm, and this was no exception. "We desperately need another bank, vape store, and title loan business," says Kevin, while Noah chimed in we need another taco joint. Don't we have one of those going into the old Hardee's on South Limit?

Most of the sarcasm is poking fun at the businesses we already have enough of, or too much of, "Sedalia obviously needs another Dollar General. Or another Casey’s. That’s it! A Dollar General that sells pizza and gas as well!" Ryan wrote that, and I get the point. You can't go anywhere in Sedalia without running into a Casey's or a Dollar General.

There also was some serious discussion about the location of the old Save A Lot being a difficult one. Kathy writes, "Unfortunately that’s in a bad location. People pulling in and out of Starbucks and the busy intersection make it crazy. Not sure anything will go over there." Indeed, it's not the best location to get in and out of, but it's not the worst either.

It wasn't the store's location though, that closed Save A Lot. Save A Lot began a wind-down of its retail operations a couple of years ago according to Supermarket News as it transitioned from retail operations to being a wholesaler and licensing the Save A Lot brand to partners. The Sedalia store, along with many stores in the St. Louis area, became the last ones closed by the company.

Keep reading to see what you told me you'd like in the Save A Lot building on Broadway in Sedalia.

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