We've got another Mommy Madness story for you, and this one's a doozy.  It's not abnormal for children to play with finger paint, but this kid takes it to another level.

I had put my son to bed in a shirt and diaper on a hot summer day. He was a sleeping angel, so cute. Then he woke up, took off his diaper, and proceeded to play in what he thought was “all-natural finger paint.”

He had poop all over his face, his body, his crib, and the wall! I was so grossed out! He didn't have a clean spot on him for me to carry him to the tub. I had to wrap him in a towel. Daddy thought it was funny until my son did it again a few weeks later and Daddy had to help with the clean-up. My little guy NEVER slept without shorts or pants on again.
And yes, I have pictures for future embarrassment purposes.

This is what happens when your baby tries to change his or her own diaper. Moral of the story: babies should sleep with shorts or pants on. More Mommy Madness coming soon.