I can forgive you if you think Missouri's most dangerous interstate highway is I-70 or the section of I-435 near our border with Kansas. It, however, is not the most dangerous Interstate in Missouri. That dubious honor is reserved for another Interstate on the other side of our great state.

It's not that I-70 isn't dangerous to drive. Assurance, which looked at the most dangerous interstate highways in each state lists Interstate 70 as the most dangerous in Colorado, Kansas, and West Virginia. It's just not the most dangerous in Missouri.

That honor goes to Interstate 64, an east-west Interstate Highway that begins at Interstate 70/US 40 and US 61 in Wentzville. Then, it goes through St. Louis, Louisville, and Lexington in Kentucky, Charleston in West Virginia, and Richmond and Hampton Roads in Virginia before ending at an interchange with I-264 and I-664 at Bower's Hill in Chesapeake, Virginia, according to Wikipedia.

In Missouri, I-64 started as the Daniel Boone Expressway, and then it was known only as Highway 40, which some St. Louis locals still refer to it as. Interstate 64 in Missouri runs concurrent with Highway 40 the entire length of the state. In the Saint Louis area, the Interstate is also called the Jack Buck Memorial Highway and it runs near the St. Louis Science Center, The St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis University, the Enterprise Center, and as Wikipedia notes within 50 feet of the New Busch Stadium.

So why is Interstate 64 the most dangerous interstate in Missouri? It's because, according to Assurance, there are 1.48 fatal crashes per ten miles of highway.

That said, the most dangerous interstate in the United States is Interstate 4 in Florida, which assurance says has the highest number of fatal crashes for every 100 miles. While Interstate 64 is the most dangerous in Missouri, it doesn't even make the Top 10 most dangerous interstates in America.

It may not even be the most dangerous road in Missouri, that honor may go to US 63, which runs north-south in the Midwest and runs from Lake Superior in Minnesota to Interstate 20 between Shreveport and Monroe. You can read more about why US 63 is Missouri's most dangerous road here.

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